You’re Only One Person And You Can’t Be Everything For Everyone!

                  Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom from someone who has BEEN THERE!….

What is the hurry? ….. I find myself getting anxiety thinking that I have to do everything right now while the getting is good. I have to keep this boat rowing with momentum down the river, or actually UP the river it seems most of the time.

I am always looking for the next sale, always looking for the next client or the next listing because there is this fear in me that theses opportunities might not always be here. So I convince myself that what I have to do now is capitalize on everything that comes my way because there is going to be a day when these opportunities are not here and then what am I going to do???

It is this limiting belief mentality that we have in this industry but who taught us this? Is it because of something we experienced on a personal level or is it because this is what our colleges are telling us?

But in all reality what is the hurry? Why do I feel like I have to do it all right now? Be a mother, a wife, a sister, a best friend, and team mate, a leader and a million dollar producer all in one? Life is a marathon and if you try to make it a 100 yard dash instead, then we are going to wear ourselves out and it is all going to be for nothing. The consequence will be that we will never be able to look back and enjoy anything that happened along this journey in the last 365 days.

So the question is what is the hurry? I have learned to have faith in myself, in God and in this Universal timing. I trust that when it is going to happen, it’s going to happen. And when it does happen I am going to enjoy every single minute of that moment. I am going to love whatever it is that I’m doing at that moment. But in order to do that I can not accept and play the lead role in everything at once.

Give yourself a break. Despite what we tell ourselves in the mirror every morning we are not super hero’s. I have learned to not accept every client and every listing that comes my way. I choose to only take on things that serve my greatest good and my highest purpose. Life seems to go a little smoother and easier this way. And despite what this competitive industry of limiting belief tells us, trust me, there is more work out there than we would even know what to do with even if we had it.

Choosing to accept clients that energetically align with me has not all together eliminated but has definitely limited the anxiety, chaos, stress, and unmet expectations in my career. The key is to sit back and relax and TRUST that God-This Universe, is going to put in front of you the clients where YOU can make a difference in THEIR lives.

You’re only one person you can’t be everything for everyone and at the young age of 42 🙂 I am finally OK with that. So next time you get worried about where that next sale is coming from ask yourself, “What is the hurry?” Take your time and build a foundation that is unbreakable.



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