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Five Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid; 5 Better Home Staging Tips

When it comes time to sell your home, you want to make it look as nice as possible.  You wouldn’t want to buy anything from the store in a dirty, distressed state, so why would anyone want to buy a home that’s similar?  The problem is that most people tend to glance over a lot of this part of the home buying and home selling process.  They tend to feel that the lived in look is what is going to be most common, so that’s how it should be viewed.

As a Realtor in Billings, I’m here to say that’s not the case!  The home should be staged to look as beautiful as possible.  So here are a few tips to help you get started, and remember: heed the advice of your real estate professional.  They have done this hundreds or thousands of times.

Home Staging Mistake #1 – Skipping Staging Completely

This mistake is made especially when the real estate market is hot.  Homes don’t sit long, so people believe that a minimal effort is necessary.  There are two factors at play here: yes, the home will likely sell quickly even if it’s not staged.  But it’s not going to sell for as much as it could have if it were staged properly.  Billings, Montana real estate is a hot market, but why settle for less when a little effort could get you thousands more?

Home Staging Mistake #2 – Packing Up too Much Stuff

People are pretty terrible at thinking abstractly.  So if you clear out the room completely, you might think that it looks big and spacious.  But you’re relying on the memories of when furniture was in the room, and it was properly organized.  Buyers don’t have those memories.  So what looks like a nice big room to you, looks like an unusable space to them.  Instead, clean out clutter and items that detract, keeping the room looking clean, livable, and beautiful.


Home Staging Mistake #3 – Displaying a Bedroom as an Office

Rooms are designed for a specific purpose.  You wouldn’t convert your kitchen into a game room, so why convert a bedroom into an office?  As with the last point, you have a different perspective than your buyer.  Suppose you have three bedrooms, and you have one displayed as an office.  Buyers looking for three bedrooms will see your house as a two bedroom home: not enough room for their needs.  Instead, display each room for its intended purpose.  Even if you use the bedroom as an office, convert it back to a bedroom for the duration of the sale.

Home Staging Mistake #4 – “Hiding” Clutter in the Closets

One of the biggest parts of staging your home is getting rid of the clutter.  We all have it; it’s the knick-knacks that we accumulate on our travels.  It’s the overstuffed closets because we have too many clothes.  It’s the mismatched throw pillows.  It’s the pile of books on the night stand.  Often what happens is people try to hide this clutter in the closets, cabinets, or under the bed.  When a buyer comes in and sees this, they see a space that isn’t big enough for their storage needs.  Your home is suddenly a lot smaller than they thought.  Instead, buy storage tubs (boxes will do), and pack up everything that’s non-essential.  Store it tidily in the garage (or rent a storage space for a couple of months).  You will be surprised at how much more comfortable the home is, and perhaps get rid of the clutter permanently.

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Home Staging Mistake #5 – Buying Staging Furniture and Accessories

Your old bedroom set is functional, but it may not look that nice.  So, you decide to upgrade and buy all new furnishings.  While you’re at it, artwork, accessories, other furniture, and more items are added to the list.  Two problems unfold here.  First, those items add up quickly!  You may not recoup the cost by selling your home for more.  Second, you may have to take them with you, and they may not fit in the new home.  Instead, upgrade only what needs upgraded.  Minimize out-of-pocket expenses.  Only buy what will fit nicely into your new home.  If other items are needed, see if you can borrow, or even rent, them.


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