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Five Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid; 5 Better Home Staging Tips When it comes time to sell your home, you want to make it look as nice as possible.  You wouldn’t want to buy anything from the store in a dirty, distressed state, so why would anyone want to buy a home that’s similar?  The problem is […]

9 Ways to Raise the Value of Your Home

Build Equity Before you Sell If you’re planning to sell your home, you may not be looking at getting involved with too many projects.  You will be out soon, so why put in the time and money to make it a nicer living space? The answer is that by putting some time and money into […]

Why Do You Need to Avoid Overpricing Your Home?

Why Do You Need to Avoid Overpricing Your Home? One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is what I like to call the overpricing issue. While it’s tempting to put a high price on your home and either negotiate down with a buyer or test the market, you really want to avoid doing so. […]

Zillow’s Home Evaluations!

Why Should You Take Zillow’s Home Evaluations with a Grain of Salt? More and more people head online to find real estate information nowadays. Zillow is by far the most popular – but is it accurate? Can Zillow really put an accurate value on your San Antonio home? The short answer to those questions is […]

Movies In The Park!!

The Real Estate Agents at Western Skies Real Estate have decided to sponsor and host the “Movies In The Park” series this summer in order to keep it a FREE family event for the Billings community!   MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! Come out to Pioneer Park this Saturday on July 15th for some FREE Family Fun!! The movie […]

Dream Big!

Just about every dream worth pursuing seems completely impossible when you first have it. But when you stay focused on it and repeat it to yourself over and over again you start to believe that maybe it could be possible. So then you learn a little bit and do a little bit and realize you’re […]