How to Increase Your Property Value from the Outside In

As a homeowner, you know your house is not just a place to live but is also an investment that can build wealth. That process is called home appreciation, and the rate of that appreciation depends on several factors. Here are some ways to increase your property value.

Ensure You Care for the Grass and Landscaping

Maintaining a beautiful yard will increase its value as the first thing potential buyers notice is your landscaping. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you care for your lawn.

While keeping your grass cut and maintained will show you care for your property, it’s best to avoid cutting it too short. Cutting too short can cause brown patches and may expose the delicate roots to the harsh sun. You might feel that cutting the grass longer will prevent it from growing back, but it will look lush and stay healthier in the long run. Also, consider leaving the grass clippings in your yard to help add more nutrients and nitrogen to the soil.

When it comes to watering, you might feel that more is better, but that’s not always the case. You’ll want to avoid watering too frequently, as that can result in a shallower root system. Instead, turning the sprinklers on a couple of times each week can encourage the roots to stretch deep in search for water.

Fertilize the grass every year or so. The timing and kind of fertilizer used is determined by your climate and the type of grass.

Aim for the grass to grow thick so it can defend against weeds. Once there are enough leaves of grass, they can easily choke out incoming weeds. Still, if you have an issue with unwanted weeds, there could be a soil issue that makes it hard for the grass to grow well.

Finally, mulch is an excellent way of helping the soil retain its moisture, and it can reduce the number of weeds in the area. Plus, it’s inexpensive.

You’ll often see red mulch in commercial areas, but for a residential area, it’s often better to stick with black or brown mulch. Red mulch comes from recycled wood chips, meaning it will break down faster. On the other hand, black mulch often retains heat and sunlight better, making it best for cooler climates and brown mulch will likely make your plants look more vibrant and healthier.

Consider Using Flowers to Increase the Beauty of the Property

You can get plants and flowers to add a bit of color to your home. Start by focusing on your front porch so it will stand out as potential buyers drive by. Try grouping specific colors or types of plants in odd numbers which will result in adding a visual flow to the landscape. Having groups of colors lets the eye move around gently instead of causing it to jump around.

Start increasing your home’s value by improving its outside appearance. Focus on having a lush, green lawn and then adding plants and flowers to give it more life. Though there are a lot of components to achieving the lawn you desire, don’t feel you have to do it all by yourself. Consider hiring a lawn care company like TruGreen in Montana to take care of things.

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