Lori Ludwig’s Testimonials

I rarely give shoutouts, vouch for or otherwise praise people for doing their job. However, I feel the need to recognize my friend Lori Ludwig and Western Skies Realty for all her help in finding me my home.

I have known Lori since high school, 1985. I’ve seen her just a handful of times over the past 35 years but we are quick to catch up and and always feel like we had just seen each other yesterday.

2021 was not the best for me. I suffered a massive (BC description) stroke on January 30th. When I reached out to Lori on October 7th for her assistance in finding a new home, I really just wanted my friend. I didn’t think about whether or not she was a good realtor. October 8th and I’m standing in house #1. By Oct 23rd, after 7 showings and 3 offers, we were done! Lori took care of everything quickly, graciously and smartly. I was very impressed with her professionalism and willingness to tackle all aspects of the sale from home inspection, financing and even coordinating with the previous owners. The whole experience flowed and was enjoyable. On a personal note I want to thank her for picking me up and driving me to all the showings, walking behind me up and in front of me down every flight of stairs, catching me when I fell once (she’s tough) and also taking on all other aspects of my schedule, Dr. appointments, eggs at Star Bucks, and being accepting of me even though I’m not 100% (yet…!) Thank you my dear, you’re a great friend.