Nothing is Ever Wasted

MY THOUGHT OF THE DAY… Who ever you call or refer to as your God, your Higher Source, your Buddha, or your Creator; the one who has all of the power in this universe… that one for me I call “God”.

But no matter what religion you are or what spiritual belief you are congruent with, I truly believe that this universe and the one who created it wants only the greatest of blessing for you. Every dream you have begins with the understanding that you stand firmly in this day as being “Enough”. You are smart enough, talented enough, hungry enough, humble enough, and worthy enough for this dream of yours to become your reality.

In order for you to believe that you are “Enough” you need to believe that nothing is ever wasted. Life has given me twist, turns, ups and downs but all of it was not for nothing. Every struggle I have ever went through has prepared me for my future. All of the disappointments, set backs, lonely nights and people who did me wrong provided me with the opportunity to mature, grow and develop my own character. My God didn’t send those hardships to me, he instead used them to Prepare me for the next step. Those adversities have made me and molded me into the person that I am, and the person that He is creating me to be. I decided a long time ago that difficulties will not stop me, instead they will only Promote me!

Tannis Kramer