Kyle DeSaveur

Kyle realtor in Billings

Kyle DeSaveur


Kyle DeSaveur

I was born and raised right here in Montana as a farm and ranch kid. I love the ways of living and working of agriculture. It is an amazing way of life! I am a proud husband and father to a beautiful wife and soon to be Two Little Girls!

I train horses, and rodeo in my spare time with my family and friends.

I have worked all aspects and stages of cattle production and farming. My absolute favorite time of year is spring time and branding. I worked for a retail store for 10 plus years before my family and I decided to follow my true passion in agriculture.

I am really thrilled to be in a industry that helps people find their dream ranch, farm or just the house you’ve always wanted!
I believe truth honesty and communication is a huge part in any investment.
“trust your neighbor but always brand your cattle” unknown

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